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Since the Vedic age, the land system was pivoted upon revenue or Khajna. The King used to enjoy the Rajbhaga in terms of 1/6th or 1/8th of the produce. Pathan Sultan Sher Shah Suri (1540 – 1545) measured and classified the land in terms of the produce and introduced Kabuliyat and Patta as instruments of settlement. He created the posts of Kanungo, Amil and Amin for settlement of land and collection of revenue. During Akbar’s time, Todarmal made some reforms to that system and the whole empire was divided into Suba, Sarkar, Pargana and Mahal.

Land / Mouza Summary
L. R. Offices

During the British rule, both under the Company and the Crown, the main concern was to exact revenue and that was done through some agents for one-year, two-years, five-years and ten-years settlements. In 1793, Lord Cornwallis introduced the Permanent Settlement Regulation and, for the first time in India, ownership over land came into being by mere signature of a ruler. This Regulation gave rise to several uprisings and revolts in rural Bengal, which died down at the birth of the Bengal Tenancy Act, 1885. This Act paved the way for scientific survey and mapping of whole of the region creating the unit of survey, the mouza. The land records for every piece and parcel of land of the region was prepared under this Act, which is known as C. S. Record-of-Rights (1888 – 1940). This Act, for the first time acclaimed the right of the tiller (proja) vis-à-vis created a good number of intermediary interests within the premises.


Based upon the recommendations of the Floud Commission (1940) and to erase out the interests of the intermediaries from land, the Government of West Bengal, immediate after the Independence, enacted the West Bengal Estate Acquisition Act in 1953 and all kinds of intermediary interests upon land was abolished. The CS Records and Maps were revised under the provisions of this Act, which is known as RS Operation and the RS Records and Maps were prepared.

To wipe out a few defects in the WBEA Act such as scope for accumulation of huge quantum of land in a family, absence of any provision for restoration of the right of the sharecropper etc., a new Act came just after two years, in 1955, known as West Bengal Land Reforms Act. This Act provided for declaring all kinds of institutions as raiyats, substituting the previous family ceiling by individual ceiling, acclaiming the right of the sharecropper etc.

Sub-Divisional Land / Mouza Summary

Present Status of Mouza:


Mouza (Total)

Kistawar on Run

Finally Publishing


(a) (b) (c) (d)
Barrackpore - I - 82 Nil 79 Barrackpore - I - 03
Barrackpore - II - 94 02 54 Barrackpore - II - 40*



(i) Mouza Sultanpur & Mouza Kamargati are in DENOVA MAP Prepration stage
(ii) Mouza Baranagar: Attestation running
(iii) Remaining Mouzas are upto various stages before final publication under L.R. Act 1955


Preparation of Map


1. Total No. : Barrackpore - I Barrackpore - II
310 (R.S.) 334 (R. S.)
2. L. P. Permitted Sheets available : 50 26
3. Sheets sent to DLR & S On process : 260 308
4. Sheets on Kistawar : - 8 Sheets on Kistawar



L. R. Offices

In Barrackpore Sub-Division, the work of the Department of Land & Land Reforms, Government of West Bengal is done in the following offices -


Sl. No.
1 Office of the Sub-Divisional Land & Land Reforms Officer, Barrackpore, Administrative Building, 1st Floor, Surendranath Banerjee Road, Barrackpore, PIN – 743101, Ph + Fax – 2592 1939

Office of the Block Land & Land Reforms Officer, Barrackpore – I at Bizpur, Kanchrapara Ph – 2585 0122

3 Office of the Block Land & Land Reforms Officer, Barrackpore – II at Swadeshi More, Panihati, Ph – 2563 8552
4 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Madrail-Panpur GP at ‘Tarama Bhavan’ c/o Anjan Halder, Fingapara, Kankinara



1 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Majhipara-Palashi GP at Ramkrishna Colony More, Nagdaha
2 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Kampa-Chakla GP at BL&LR Office, Barrackpore I
3 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Jathia GP at S. E. B. Office, Jethia
4 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Shibdaspur GP at House of Gani Doctor, Shibdaspur
5 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Narayanpur GP at ‘Tarama Bhavan’ c/o Anjan Halder, Fingapara, Kankinara
6 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Mamudpur GP at Talikhola, Mamudpur
7 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Rahuta-I GP at Shyamnagar Annex Building, Feeder Road, Shyamnagar
8 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Rahuta-II GP at Shyamnagar Annex Building, Feeder Road, Shyamnagar
9 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Cowgachhi-I GP at Shyamnagar Annex Building, Feeder Road, Shyamnagar
10 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Cowgachhi-II GP at Shyamnagar Annex Building, Feeder Road, Shyamnagar



1 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Bandipur GP at Rahara near Bhabanath Girls School
2 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Gorui-Mathkal GP at Dumdum Cantonment near Raktarabi Club
3 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Bisharpara GP at Bisharpara
4 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Bilkanda GP at Bilkanda
5 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Sewlee GP at Sewlee
6 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Sultanpur-I GP at Durganagar
7 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Sultanpur-II GP near Airport 2 no Gate
8 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Mohanpur GP at Mohanpur
9 Office of the Revenue Inspector, Patulia GP at Patulia, Khardaha

A task-force styled office, Urban Survey Office is being run under SDL&LRO, Barrackpore for liquidating the pending map and record preparation work under which Traverse Survey, Detailed Survey and other related works are being performed.



Among a broad array of administrative, technical and quasi-judicial works which are performed from the above named offices, a few are short-listed hereunder –

Preparation and Updating of Land Records and Maps

The present position of this work is broadly given in Table I. A person who wishes to incorporate his name in the record-of-rights has to make himself available during any of the four stages of the LR Operation of the concerned mouza or has to pray for mutation (in case of mouzas where the LR Operation is either over or has not yet started). The mutation prayer in plain paper should be submitted in the following format- A1 & A2


For finally published L.R. R.O.R. prayes for Mutation is is disposed u/S 50 of W.B.L.R. Act 1955.


For Mouzas where preparation of Mouza R.O.R. & map are under notification u/s 51 of W.B.L.R. Act 1955 – stage either of K.B. attestation Draft Publication or Final Publication are available.


However, in an emergency section 50 read with section 50A is available even though Mouza is placed for preparation u/s 51 of the Act PROVIDED: applicant proves his urgency regarding mitigation of hardship.


A list of mutation fee and PROFORMA APPLICATION for MUTATION is annexed  A-1 & A-2


Conversion of Classification of Land

Classification of a piece of land cannot be changed without prior approval (u/s 4C of the WBLR Act) of the Collector. Violation of this restriction is a cognizable and non-bailable offence (u/s 4D of the WBLR Act) ranging up to 3 years of imprisonment or fine up to Rs. 50000/- or both.


Conversion to water body is strictly prohibited without compensating equal quantum of area in the same Mouza.


It attracts section 17A of Inland Fisheries act as well as provisions of Ul (C & R) Act 1976 & W.B. Town & Country (planning & Development) Act 1979 apart from section 4C(4A) of W.B.L.R. Act 1956.


Xerox copies of classifications of land, fees for conversion and application for conversion are annexed and marked as A-2(a), A-2(b) & A-2(c).


Be it mentioned here that conversion application should be submitted with the following documents:


1. Application, 2. Mutation Certificate, 3. Parcha, 4. Up to date Rent Receipt, 5. Registered Deed (with link or Chain Deed where necessary), 6. N.O.C. from side plot holders with identity & address, 7. N.O.C. from Panchayat / Municipality, 8. Site Plan, 9. Clearance from UL (C & R) if already received.


And apart from these, For Industries & commercial establishment. One may have to submit the following:

(a)   License from appropriate authority

(b)   Income Tax clearance

(c)    Sales Tax clearance

(d)   N.O.C. from pollution Control Board

(e)   Any other document necessary with the merit of a specific case.

For Land Revenue & cases –copy of Notification is annexed and marked as     A-4.


Vesting of Ceiling-Surplus Land

Under the provisions of the WBEA Act and the WBLR Act, ceiling surplus land is made vested to the state. The following Table 3 will show the vesting picture in Barrackpore sub-division –

Table 3



Net Agri Land Vested

Net Non-Agri Land Vested

Barrackpore I

434.41 acre

317.49 acre

Barrackpore II

432.32 acre

3222.76 acre

Barrackpore Sub-Division

866.73 acre

3539.95 acre

Distribution of Vested Land

A part of the vested land, which is found fit for distribution, is distributed to the eligible persons in consultation with the Bon O Bhumi Sanskar Sthayee Samity through pattas issued by the Sub-Divisional Officer. No patta is issued in municipal areas; instead the occupiers of the vested land are given the opportunity of lease settlement. The following Table 4.1 & 4.2 will show the distribution picture in Barrackpore sub-division –


Table 4.1



Number of Pattaholder (with total area in acre)





Barrackpore I

452 (18.02)

178 (94.28)

666 (288.30)

1296 (400.60)

Barrackpore II

35 (2.30)

141 (9.32)

456 (29.09)

632 (40.71)

Barrackpore Sub-Division

487 (20.32)

319 (103.60)

1122 (317.39)

1928 (441.31)

Table 4.2


Number of pattaholder (with total area in acre)





Barrackpore I

91 (46.43)

444 (128.34)

761 (255.84)

1296 (400.60)

Barrackpore II

07 (0.15)

27 (0.87)

698 (39.69)

632 (40.71)

Barrackpore Sub-Division

98 (46.58)

471 (129.21)

1459 (295.53)

1928 (441.31)


The name of Bargadars are recorded after proper enquiry and hearing at any stage of the LR Operation. Special provisions for recording the name of the Bargadar are depicted in Section 21D of the WBLR Act read with Rule 141 of WBLR Rules 1965. The following Table 5 will show the picture of the Bargadar in Barrackpore sub-division –


Table 5

Number of Bargadar

Total land recorded

Barrackpore I


800.19 acre

Barrackpore II


8.73 acre

Barrackpore Sub-Division



Collection of Land Revenue

Under different sections of the L. R. Act (including all amendments) and the Kolkata Land Revenue Act, 2003, the land revenue has been defined and made fixed for a particular raiyat and a particular class of land.


A-4 above depicts the rate of land Revenue & cess.

A raiyat may deposit his land revenue in the Office of the revenue Inspector or in the Office of the Block Land & Land Reforms Officer or at different collection camps / special collection camps held from time to time. He may also deposit his land revenue before the representative of any of the aforesaid offices present at different Municipalities

The following Table 6.1 will show the picture of Land Revenue Collection for the 1410 B.S. in Barrackpore Sub-Division w.e.f. 31/12/2009.

Table 6


Land Revenue Collection

Barrackpore I

Rs. 91,07,662.00

Barrackpore II

Rs. 1,68,34,172.00

Barrackpore Sub-Division

Rs. 2,59,41,834.00

Minor Minerals

In Barrackpore sub-division, there are a good number of brickfields as per the following Table 7 – However, 66 B.F. operated in the year 2003 – 2004.

Table 7


Number of Brickfield

Total royalty this year




Barrackpore I




Rs. 3,89,832.00

Barrackpore II




Rs. 0.00

Barrackpore Sub-Division




Rs. 3,89,832.00

Right to Information Act

Under Right to Information Act & Rule framed there under, SDL & LRO & BLLROs are the State Information Officer & R.Is are Assistant State Information Officer.

States direction in Bengali for Government programme for "CHAS O BASOBASER JONNYO BHUMI DAN PROKOLPO". A-5

Last Words

All the offices of the Department of Land and Land Reforms, Government of West Bengal, in Barrackpore Sub-Division are always ready to help and serve the people in any land related matter except only in the case of personal land-disputes. A huge quantum of mouza maps and records, both in paper and in electronic memory, are maintained in these offices. Information on any field of the said records and also the copy of the same are supplied to a person in exchange of statutory fees.


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